Lantern festivals - 20 centuries of culture

The Chinese Lantern Festival is proud of two thousand years of history. It is one of the oldest cultural heritages of China. Its origin lies in the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. – 220 A.D.). Traditionally it marks the grand finale of the multi-day New Year celebrations. The festivals have grown larger and larger throughout the centuries and have become more and more colourful all over China. Today CHINA MAGIC – FESTIVAL OF LIGHT reaches the whole world. In 2016 CHINA MAGIC – FESTIVAL OF LIGHT will inspire the visitors in Vienna in the heart of Europe for the first time. What you will be able to see from September 1st until October 9th between two Danube bridges (Brigittenauer Brücke and Floridsdorfer Brücke) can be described with one word: spectacular!

A magical kingdom made of countless gigantic lanterns will arise. Boundaries will be blurred. Lights, colours, and joy will be reliable companions on this adventurous journey to another world.  Experience a dialogue between the Chinese and western culture, which will be illustrated by grand silk and bamboo structures as well as a fantastic play of colours.  Cheerful mood will be guaranteed during this unique voyage on an ocean of lights. 


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