A perfect location

“Die Donauinsel” (Danube Island) is one of the most famous event sites in Austria. The yearly “Donauinselfest” (Danube Island Festival) has become Europe’s largest music festival with more than 3 million visitors in June 2016 for instance.  CHINA MAGIC – FESTIVAL OF LIGHT will take place from September 1st until October 9th between two Danube bridges (Brigittenauer Brücke and Floridsdorfer Brücke) in an area of 17 acres (70.000 m²).  The site is easily accessible by Underground (U-Bahn Linie U6). Furthermore the island is a green haven of peace between River Danube and The New Danube (Neue Donau). Also for this reason this site is predestined to host CHINA MAGIC – FESTIVAL OF LIGHT.


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