Marvels made of silk & bamboo

CHINA MAGIC – FESTIVAL OF LIGHT is a unique event that has never been shown in Europe until now. Various designs are handmade in China out of silk, bamboo, and steel. The containers are transported by train from China to Lodz. The journey takes 13 days. After that trucks will carry the containers from Poland to Vienna where the structures will be set up. In the middle of August the new wonder world will start to shine on the “Donauinsel”. 25 kilometers of silk are on their way. 30 structures have been created and will be lit by about 18.000 LED lights. 110 workers will move about 20 tons of bamboo, steel and silk to the right spots within 4 weeks. Gigantic teapots and musical instruments, a 20 meter high sculpture of Johann Strauss, huge hats, dragons along the river banks, colourful reproductions of the Vienna Opera House or the famous Temple of Heaven – the dimensions of CHINA MAGIC – FESTIVAL OF LIGHT are breathtaking. 



Lighternity Culture Media GmbH
Kornhäuselgasse 7/6/1/18
1200 Wien

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